Obsessive Attention. Creative Effort.

We believe that every yard is a blank canvas with endless possibilities for creativity to run wild, consistently striving for the look that makes you take pride in your green space. 

We are constantly investing in the most efficient equipment to
provide the highest quality final product for your property.

Brubacher Property Care is a turf maintenance company that
does both commercial and residential services.

We proudly service Elmira, Conestogo, West Montrose, North Waterloo, St .Jacobs, St. Clements and Heidelberg

Services include:
Lawn areas will be mowed/striped weekly at correct height and angle
Mechanical flat trimming
Mechanical edging of all hard surfaces and landscape beds
Blowing off all hard surfaces (driveway, front entrance, sidewalks, patios etc)
Any shrub and plant trimming as required

Our Recent Work